Rehoboth Lifeguard stands floating in the ocean


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Life Guard stand floating in the ocean in front of Fenwick Island .. photo by Bill Anderson

Boaters beware!  By now you have all heard about the life guard stands that are missing from Rehoboth Beach and are now floating in the ocean.  Apparently it has been determined they were thrown in the ocean at Rehoboth beach late at night.  I am sure the people who did this think it was funny, but now others are in danger from these stands.  The stands are flotsam in the ocean and can be a serious hazard to a boat.  Many of the off shore tuna trips go out late at night, and not seeing one of these floating just under or at the water’s surface could spell disaster for a boat.  One was seen on Sunday by Bill Anderson and he took a picture of it, someone commented it looked like a little iceberg, and it does.  I seriously doubt anyone wants to imitate the Titanic in their boat by hitting one of these.  State police have been flying the coast looking for these stands and one was recovered on Monday by the U.S. Coast Guard Station Indian River, in front on Indian River Inlet.  They also went looking for the one spotted yesterday, but it was not located.  It might not seem like a big area but these stands are probably being pulled down by heavy currents and barely bobbing or floating in the water during slack tides.  I would imagine locating them can be difficult once the currents and tides pick up.  The water has been nice and clear out front the past few days and that should make them easier to locate.  It also makes one wonder what they look like a on a fish finder?


coast guard recovery, rehoboth life guard stands, delaware, sussex county
Floating life guard stand recovered by U.S. Coast Guard Station Indian River Monday morning
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On a brighter note these stands make excellent structure to fish, but I doubt you will find any Mahi Mahi hanging around them this close to shore.  Bill Anderson said there was a lot of baitfish around that one. We have seen some Mahi Mahi caught at the old grounds and there is not telling how far out these lifeguard stands have floated.  If you spot one of these lifeguard stands, call The Delaware Bay sector Coast Guard (215-271-4800 extension 0 ).  Sending in coordinates would be very helpful as well as the tide or water current directions so they can locate the lifeguard stand easier.  These are a serious hazard right now and boaters should be wary they are out there and could pop up anywhere.   So far the tally of lifeguard stands recovered is two and five are still missing.  Captain Mark Sampson of Fish Finder Adventures recovered one the other day and the U.S. Coast Guard Station Indian River recovered one Monday morning in front of Indian River Inlet.   I saw a post today where a lifeguard was quoted saying the stands weight 500 pounds and cost $5,000 to make.  What do they make these things out of?!?!  I am in the wrong business.

Fish On!

Rich King

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