Redfish in the surf


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Bret Maley, north bethany … photo from Jeremy Hains

The surf is quiet during the day and hot at night and the early mornings.  This evening Bret Maley  hit a nice redfish (red drum creel limit is 20 to 27 inches, and 5 a day limit) in the surf at Bethany Beach on top and bottom rigs with cut mullet chunks.   This was an unexpected catch, but the past years we have seen some nice redfish catches in the surf and surrounding waters.  During the bluefish run this past spring a nice redfish was caught at the Indian River Inlet on cut mullet.  Hopefully we will see some more of these pop up and not just a random catch in the surf.  This is only the second one I have seen in Delaware this year, or heard about.   Fishing, you just never know what you are going to catch.  Jeremy Hains also caught a small bluefish and decent sized shark that broke of their line during the retrieve in the surf while they were surf fishing in Bethany Beach.  These boys will go home with a great fishing story.  Good fishing stories and times are all part of the experience.  Speaking of which, I can’t wait for the point to open, I was at the lookout the other day and it seems the point has a whole new profile this year.  It looks a little more cut up than normal, but we will have to wait and see.  It definitely looks different from the pictures I have from the same angle taken last year.

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The point at high tide seen from the look out.

Lot of kingfish are showing up in the surf at night and early in the morning before the sun rises.  The afternoons are just not good at all, but there are some fish being caught.  The temperatures have been dropping at night and it makes for  nice evening and early morning fishing conditions.  Thankfully the sticky heat is not around, but I am sure we will have a few more heat wave blasts before summer is over.   That alone is another reason to fish the early mornings and late evenings, avoiding the heat of the day.  Croaker is always fun to go after in the afternoons on the boat and charter boats.  Hitting the kayaks and exploring the back bays for some good spots or the old pier poles in Cape Henlopen make for a fun afternoon on the water.  Masseys Landing has been hot for croaker at the pier.


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Her first fish … Miss Samantha and her dad Mike. This photo speaks volumes to the excitement that fishing stirs in all of us.

Flounder fishing is hotter and hotter, the Lewes canal, old grounds, site 10, B buoy and inland bays are seeing some nice catches.  The charter boats have been doing very well in Lewes.  Triggers are showing up in the mix and even some sea bass.  Mahi are still showing up at the Old Grounds on occasion.  It has certainly been an exciting summer of fishing.  Dave Washington and the boys caught a little thresher shark near site 10 today while flounder fishing.  I have seen several different sharks  caught during flounder fishing.  Just goes to show that catching a shark can be rather easy, but releasing them is when it gets tricky.  Skates, different rays, and dogfish abound in numbers and are always fun to catch.  Some do not like them at all, I don’t mind, at least it is a tug on the line.  Either way it is just another day at the beach, or on the water, and I could think of worse things to do.  The off shore action has been hot to not depending on who you ask.  Crabbing has been good especially for the poachers near Pot Nets bayside.  Someone keeps jacking pots and crabs there, the residents are none too happy.  Poachers are the worst, I don’t even consider them to be anglers, they are just lame.   Have a great weekend, and keep an eye out for the whales.

Fish on!!

‘Rich King

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