Redfish and Pompano in the surf weakies in the Lewes Canal

Yesterday Alan and Cindy’s crew were fishing 3r’s and hit a few redfish.  Top and bottom rig with green/yellow and orange/yellow floats with blood worms, fishing for spot.  There are decent sized redfish all over the place, and they are getting bigger.  Captain Savidge text earlier that redfish are at Cape henlopen for the past 2 days.  So far the rain is holding off today, and just when it looks nicer, the sky gets darker.  I am sitting at Rick’s Bait & Tackle watching traffic.  About the same time Alan was catching redfish, James Smeltzer and Matt Kent were catching pompano on 3R’s.  They were using fishbites, and sent in a few pictures.  The fishing has been good this summer, you just have to put in the time, and compete with all of the baitfish.  I am waiting for the fall run, as well as everyone else.  With everything showing up early this year due to warm water, it will be interesting to see when the fish do “run”.  The shorty stripers caught here are averaging 20 inches.  I assume the run will start later, not earlier.

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Doug Layfield with his trout at the Lewes Canal

A few days ago, in the Lewes canal, caught on bloodworms, was the biggest trout I have seen this year.  It is the largest many have heard, or seen in his area for a long time.  Doug Layfield caught a 22 inch trout.  It is a beautiful fish, and very fat looking.  They are coming back more and more.  In a few years we could catch some very large trout, if the netters don’t get them all first.  Personally I think the creel limit on trout should be none.  Lot of people have been crabbing this weekend, and getting some nice hauls.  The blue crabs have been heavy at times this year, and then slacked off when the water was warmer.  The back bays are still rather warm, but that doesn’t seem to bother the crabs.  Ben DiSabatino was fishing up North yesterday … “Nonstop small croaker action off the pier at Woodland last night on fishbites on a spot rig. Even had a school of Weakies feasting on baitfish all around the pier on the surface for a long time, I was dipping fishbites right into the water and yanking them out.” … Thanks Ben!  It is the end of summer, and the beginning of school.  I will be at Rick’s Bait & Tackle on Monday  drop by before you leave town to get your raffle tickets or check with our sponsors.  Rattle & Reel, Rick’s Bat & Tackle, Bill’s Sport shop, Jim’s Bait and Tackle, Delaware Paddlesports, Dew Me Beach .com, and myself where ever I can be found.  Good luck to all that have participated.

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