Record Breaking Tidal Flooding Predicted Saturday

Delaware Bay beaches will see possible record breaking tidal flooding Saturday afternoon

The National Weather Service is is predicting (possible) record breaking tidal flooding along the Delaware Bay coast line.
Bowers Beach, predicted flood level is 8.7 feet during this Saturday afternoon’s high tide. The current record is 8.6 feet.
This is higher than Sandy or Irene. Lewes is predicted at 8.3 feet but the record there was 9.3 feet. NWS PHI Coastal Flooding Dashboard is the site you want to follow to see the tides in predicted and real time. The solid blue line is the real time tide. This is one of many very useful tools the NWS has available to the public. One thing is for sure this Saturday, we are going to see a lot of water along our coastline and flooding our beaches. Stay out of flooded water while driving, if you can, salt water is not good for any vehicle.

Coastal Flood Watch

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