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Real Estate 101 … hire a realtor

Real Estate 101 …. what’s the first thing any Realtor in the State of Delaware has to do when they meet you? Before we talk about listing your home or showing you property to purchase? We have to explain the difference between seller agency, buyer agency and dual agency — the who represents who in a transaction. We also have to provide you with a copy of the Consumer Information Statement or CIS Form. The link to this form can be found at: We will fill in our name, the broker we hold our license with, and fill in who we represent. It’s pretty self explanatory although most people are a little apprehensive to sign it. Let me assure you that you are only signing that you have received this disclosure. We as Realtors have fulfilled our first requirement by Delaware State law.

So what’s next? If you are selling your home, we will provide you with all of the information you need to price your home accurately. Everyone’s situation is different. Why you’re selling comes into play when pricing your home. If you are trying to make a move quickly you’ll want to price the home to sell and lower than the competition. If you are aren’t concerned with how long it takes and are only interested in the gain you’ll price higher. We will provide you with the comparable properties to allow you to make an informed decision. Then we will market your property to get it sold in the shortest amount of time and for the highest price for your situation.

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Now, for you buyers out there. We’ve all heard it before … “I don’t need a Realtor” … “I can find my own home”. But if you’ve located a property that is listed with a Realtor (listing agent aka seller agency) then why wouldn’t you use an agent to represent you and your best interests as a buyer agent. It works both ways. We take your wish list and scour the MLS to find properties that meet, or come as close as possible to meeting, your wants and needs in a new home. When you go to make an offer, we make sure you know what has sold recently to support the comparable properties an appraiser would use in qualifying the home for a mortgage. There’s no sense in making an offer the comps can’t support. There are lots of variables and we are here to help make the process as easy and stress free as possible. Home inspections, termite inspections, well/water tests and septic inspections, lions and tigers and bears, oh my! We help in coordinating these inspections and to get you closer to settlement and the day you get to move in! The best part …. we work for buyer’s for free, because the seller pays the commission. Why wouldn’t you use a Realtor to buy your new home? That’s a pretty important investment and we will help you from start to finish!

In closing, let a Realtor do what we do best — sell your home or help you find another one. Home is where the heart is …… and you’ll be glad you turned to a professional to help you!

Please feel free to call or text – 302-462-5284, or email – I look forward to meeting you!

Kim Bowden

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