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Jeff Weaver with a tagged striped bass caught out front this past weekend

Well that was fun!  We got hammered yesterday, back bays flooding in communities, route 1 covered in water, and lots of wind.  Basically the usual flooding with a few surprises but nothing major.  See the gallery below for storm pictures.     Now the real question is will the striped bass fishing still be good and we won’t know until we get out there.  The waves look calmer today, but the water is chocolate milk.  Hopefully that will clear up by the weekend but we still have some storm surge to deal with and the waters were really stirred up so that could take a while.  Today we will head out and check the beaches and update those conditions later, but for now things are looking still heavy with waves out there, but will calm down the next couple of days.  It is a beach combers delight and I am sure the metal detector folks are heading out to coin beach.  Low tide will be the best time go hunt for beach treasures.  Be careful of debris piles if you are driving on the beach, you never know what is inside of them.  Fence posts washed up all over the beach on the South side at Indian River Inlet from the snow fence that washed out on the large dune there.  That dune now has a ten foot cliff for a face, it is the sand from the old bridge that was used to build it this summer.  The north side fared much better from the storm and that beach is relatively good near the inlet.

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Striped bass tag from Jeff Weaver

Before the storm hit the fishing from boats was doing well, from the overfalls to Sea Colony and in between.  Once you found fish it didn’t take long to hit the limit.  Stretches, bombers, and mojos were the choice for trolling.  The surf was starting to see more shorts and keepers before the storm hit.  I am hoping some bait fish were pushed in our direction and maybe the surf fishing will get better.  Jeff Weaver caught a nice thirty three inch striped bass the other day and it was tagged.  We will have that information in a few days.  Always interesting to see where a tagged fish originated, well the tag, not necessarily the fish.  The boats will be able to go back out in a day or so, but I am sure a few would like to go out right now.  The beaches are drivable, the ramps don’t seem to have been affected by the water too much, just be careful of any sand build up from wind it will be soft and hard to drive through.  We will be checking that today as well.  All in all we survived another nor’easter and it could have been much worse.  Typical flooding occurs when we have too much water pushed into the inland bays, and that was the case yesterday.  For the most part the water has receded and we will be back to normal water levels soon enough.

We have a new gallery feature for the website, now we can show you the pictures we constantly put up on social media easier.  Hope everyone enjoys that and we look forward to people sharing pictures of their catches.  You can always send DSF pictures to the email address .   No images found.

In other news, the RV park for the Masseys Landing area has been approved, and the RV park for the Love Creek area was denied.  I do not know when they will start building this new park at Masseys Landing.  Some are looking forward to it and some are not.  The migratory bird, the Red Knot was put on the  threatened species list the other day.  So be watchful for the possibility of Delaware bay beaches being set up to protect horseshoe crabs for spawning.  I know that was proposed last year.  What the state should really do is  look into rebuilding the beaches at Port Mahon and Woodland beach to name a few places, so these crabs can spawn and not get jammed up in the rocks. If they really want to help the birds, they will need to help the crabs first.  I know there are protections in place for the horseshoe crabs now but their spawning areas are slowly eroding away or are already gone.  The Army Corp of Engineers are rebuilding a beach in Jersey, that has been gone since before I was born.  It is to protect the people’s properties there, we need to do the same here to rebuild these needed environments for crabs and protect the coastline and wetlands.  Just my opinion of a solution that benefits all parties concerned.

Hopefully we will dry out by the weekend and get back to some normal winter fishing, yes I said winter because that old man is close.  I saw that four letter word we all love this time of year in a forecast for next week.   Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Fish On!!

Rich King

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