Pending Delaware State Blueline Tilefish record

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Blueline Tilefish, pending state record caught by Bill Fintel … photo courtesy Lewes harbor Marina

A few years ago Blueline Tilefish were added to Delaware’s State Sport Fishing tournament for record fish.  Until yesterday no one has ever submitted one for a state record, according to Joe Morris of Lewes Harbor Marina.  Yesterday Bill Fintel submitted a 19.7 pound citation Blueline Tilefish at Lewes Harbor Marina.  The fish was caught with a chunk of bluefish, on the bottom near the Baltimore Canyon.  Joe Morris said he went through all the proper steps and had a DNREC officer sign off on the citation as a possible Delaware State record.  He hopes this citation Blueline Tilefish is recognized as a new state record.

Bill said it was a normal day of fishing, in their usual tile fishing spot, somewhere near the Baltimore Canyon. He had saved a couple of those large bluefish from earlier in the season for shark bait. He used chunks of one for bait and that is what the blueline tilefish hit. They knew they had a big fish on the line and had to crank it up from four hundred feet! Combined with twenty four ounces of lead on the line to hold bottom in the first place, makes for a heavy retrieve. The added weight was a bonus seven pound blueline that made for a double hook up. He said they also caught a few golden tilefish that day. I asked if he expected to catch a pending state record that day and he said “No one ever expects that”. Great catch Bill and we hope the it is recognized by the State of Delaware

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