Parks Surf Tag System Update To TFFAC Canceled

Despite this update being canceled everyone should attend this TFFAC meeting to meet your representatives.

The public is invited and encouraged, in person and/or virtually, to attend the Advisory Council on Tidal Finfisheries meeting this September 19th at 6 PM. 
Tidal Finfish Advisory Council Meeting 06:00 PM – 08:00 PM Tuesday September 19, 2023.

TFFAC, called for short, will be meeting as usual. The agenda for the meeting is online and below. I would encourage people to start attending these meetings. Get to know your county recreational fishing representative.
When an angler wants to ask DNREC for changes, these are the people they bring those suggestions. These folks in turn bring these up to DNREC and look into said changes. An example would be getting creel limits changed or altered. Or maybe a sensible surf tags system developed with surf angler/user input.

The updates by our ASMFC and MAMFC reps are important to hear and help give you a summary of what is going on and possible changes coming. This is how you pay attention to your fishery and make positive changes. If you don’t get involved you can’t make changes or complain later you didn’t know. It is on us to pay attention not the other way around.

How this works is the following .. All of you attend the meeting(s) in person or virtually. ASK politely, that the TFFAC request to have parks give them (you) an update on the surf tag system for the next meeting and add it to the agenda … It is literally that easy.

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agenda for the TFFAC meeting

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