Beach Clean Up Turnouts Have Been Huge

The volunteers spread out on the beach. The last few beach clean ups have had some record turnouts. Huge thanks to everyone coming out and helping. People were still pulling in when I was taking the picture. ​ We usually have about 8

Rat Wrangling The Surf

Andrew with the first bass of the day on a spoon. During the beach clean up yesterday we watched a few anglers bailing striped bass. Lots of small bass but some up to 27 inches. There have been a few keepers caught up above the

Ship Of Cranes

Cranes aboard the Zhen Hua 25 at the anchorage Last week during the beach clean up everyone was asking what is that weird looking ship out there, it almost looked like a huge sailboat. A tall ship sailboat, not a weekender blow

Bowers Beach Says Not To Dogs

Yesterday, The Town of Bowers Beach announced on their Facebook page ... No more dogs on our beaches, per Delaware State Law. The recently had their beaches replenished over the winter. Town of Bowers Beach ... We are looking