Order Your Delaware Surf Fishing Tags Online Save The Office Line Hassle

Parks is not going to run out of Delaware surf fishing tags on the first day, week, or even month. So calm down. I absolutely expect the servers to crash minutes after 10 AM. But keep hitting that enter key harder, it will work eventually. Screaming at the computer is optional, and fun for others in the office.
Will surf fishing tags sell out eventually? Most likely and our guess is March. BUT there are a few new factors to consider. Which may lead to surf tags not selling out at some point ever.

1. More people are buying two year surf tags. That increases the yearly availability for others. If everyone bought a two year Delaware surf fishing tag. Then the grand total of possible circulated tags would be 34,000. That is only if EVERYONE gets a two year tag. At the moment I believe, last I was told, it was 24,000 surf tags in circulation (currently). That 10,000 difference makes a nice cushion to keep tag sales open yearly The 17,000 limit applies to the amount of surf tags parks can issue per year. Not a grand total in circulation or use.

2. Last year due to the robocall panic. Surf tags sold out in forty five minutes. This created a public outcry by people who didn’t have computers, and they could not get to a Delaware State Park office in time. So in the end, a thousand more tags were released. We had a whole new show to watch. The Delaware Surf Fishing Tag Voucher Pick Up Show

3. There is a new Off-Peak Surf Fishing Permits pilot program. This will alleviate the want or need for the year long, or all year tag. There are many people who only surf fish on weekdays and the off season weekends, if they do venture out on a weekend. They avoid the summer crazy and they actually want to fish. These tags are cheaper too.

4.. Legislators get the surf tag limit changed back to no limit. By creating legislation, becasue a limit like this requires legislation, I am told by legislators. Just ask your Delaware state representatives to make it happen. I’m sure they are bored during this blizzard of 2022.

If you take into consideration just those factors, eventually this tag limit will be nearly moot. Instead parks needs to limit the access to vehicles not the tags. Protect the resource first and everyone’s feelings last. We should be looking out for a beach, not turning it into a parking lot.
Get rid of the actively fishing rule so the non-anglers are not in the way of the actual anglers. Go the route of Assateague. The fantasy of getting rid of the non-anglers is beyond hilarious at this point. But please keep complaining it is comical to maddening most days. Also quit “beaching” so much about the out of state folks, they only own 25% of the tags. Delawareans own 75%. The out of state tourists are not the problem, stop fighting.
Fight Breaks Out Over Surf Tags At Starbucks

I’m waiting until next week at some point to get my surf tag(s) either online or in person. By then the crazy has gone bye bye and the offices aren’t as packed. Get your surf tags online. Park employees don’t need that much exposure to people right now, for a surf tag.
I mean who really needs a surf tag until March at best for actual fishing. But of course, no one wants to miss the February 28th Cape Henlopen Point blitz of 2022. See you out there. Be right back gonna go post I got my tag already and stir that pot.

May the odds be ever in your favor. We will have more fun with surf tag memes

Try not to melt down the servers, or yourselves in the first two minutes.

Calm down.

You’re at the damn beach and you’re fishing!
(Unless you don’t get a surf tag)

Okay, well some of you are (fishng)

Did you know the people faking it don’t ruin their day beaching about the people surf fishing?

Have fun, see you in the surf.

If you miss out on a surf tag we have great walk on surf fishing locations.

Delaware State Parks Delaware Surf Fishing Instructional Video

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He who didn’t get the tag carries the gear.

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