Orca Migrates Through Lewes Canal

I was looking on the Lightship Overfalls Live Webcam in Lewes, Delaware Just to check the tide, weather, water conditions and wouldn’t you know it. The orca migration has started. I spotted one moving through the Lewes Canal , near the Lightship Overfalls. Murder pandas are on patrol looking for some fun.

Orca seen migrating through the Lewes canal. Seen on the new Lewes Canal web cam on the Overfalls ship.
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This murder panda must of heard about riding Stiffler’s Mom in Lewes and wanted to take a trip.
Known as a drinking town with a fishing problem. Now they got a big damn fish problem. Not too worry I’m sure the boys in the marina can handle it if need be, they might even have a few recipes. Meanwhile I wouldn’t dip my toes in at the town docks, I think there was another distance contest last night.
The yearly orca migration one and done has begun.

Should be an interesting day on the interwebs for sure, enjoy.
Do not contact MERR they organized to go observe the migration in 2019, so they already know.

hAppY ApRiL FoOLs dAY! Derp!! Click here for your orca prize

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