Orca Breaches in C&D canal

About an hour ago Chris Ragni and Brian Mack were cruising along in the work boat when they saw something breach in the canal.  “It looked like a huge white dolphin so we moved in closer to get a better look.  We were stunned when we saw it breach again and it was a killer whale.”   Now the boys are trying to figure out what to do with their “white whale”

 Coincidentally orcas are in the dolphin family so seeing one and confusing it with a dolphin is possible. “It keeps circling the boat and seems like it wants us to follow it?”   I had to tell them it isn’t Lassie, and Timmy is not down a well.  They fed the orca and it has been  following the launch boat around the canal all morning.   Please keep an eye out for others as they travel in groups.  They must be headed to their spawning grounds at the Susquehanna River.

Fish On!!
Rich King

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Hopefully by now you realize it is international don’t believe a thing you read on the internet day.  Happy April Fools!  If you read this whole article thank you, and now you can have some fun with your friends.

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