Orca Breaches At Indian River Inlet

The lack of human activity due to quarantines globally is causing many animals around the world to show back up in places they haven’t been seen in ages. The yearly orca migration has come closer to home this year.
Some fishermen got a rare treat when an orca breached in the Indian River inlet while it was chasing a dolphin.
Jesse … ” We were down here poaching tautog and short bass when lo and behold. We look up and this huge orca jumps out of the water, it was like reliving my childhood days. Back when I saved that orca at the aquarium in Seattle, we called him Willy, I really miss him”

The orcas are back for the third year in Delaware and this time they seem to be moving up the Indian River Bay. Hunting for dolphins and chasing broken dreams of a summer long yet gone. Always exciting to see the orcas this time of year.
The C&D canal orca hasn’t been spotted yet, but the day isn’t over. Someone should really go down there and keep an eye out for them.

(2017) … Orca breaching in C&D canal … photo by Chris Ragni
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