Numbered Delaware Surf Fishing Tags Details

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The State of Delaware’s new Delaware Surf Fishing numbered tags

I sent an email to Greg Abbott at DNREC about the questions raised with the new numbered Delaware Surf Fishing tags.  I hope this answers some of the concerns.  Some of this information is tentative but should answer any concerns.

Okay so I knew this would happen, so now after everyone on Facebook threw in their 2 cents, I have several questions to ask for a follow up on these numbered Delaware Surf Fishing tags.

Does the purchase of the numbered tag include the fee for that year for the beach access?  No

·       In other words is the cost just for the tag itself?  Yes, the auction is strictly for the purchase of the tag.

·       If it is not included will I have to pay to transfer my tag I have now to the new numbered tag? No. If you already have a tag, we would collect that tag issue a new permit sticker that can be used on the purchased low digit tag. Bottom line, an active surf fishing permit will be required.

Will people be allowed to get their old tag numbers or will they have to bid for them like everyone else? Done through the auction.  

Will old numbered tags still be allowed to use as a surf tag? Some people use the old tags because they like the nostalgic value or the look and the fact their old numbers are on them.  In meetings with the Surf Fishing community this past winter the feedback we received urged the Division to not have multiple vehicles with the same tag number on the beach making it easier to report people for speeding or not actively engaged in surf fishing.  To keep things simple starting in 2016 surf fishing permits will only be allowed to be placed on the numberless tag (free)  or the new low digit tags available in October. The auctioned low digit tags will be the official vintage tags and must have a valid sticker attached. All tags purchased through the low digit sale will also have a certificate of authenticity, which will hopefully make them more valuable in the future. The Division will continue to issue the non-numbered tag as the low digit tag program is a 100% voluntary program.

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Is there a cap on the amount that can be bid for a tag? No.

They start at $250 but I recall hearing you guys could only charge $500 maximum?  Reason being is if people know this then they can just bid the $500 and if they were the first bidder, will receive that tag number? There is not a dollar limit on the amount that the tags are sold for; I’ve included the legislation for your reference.

Will the money raised from these tags stay in the parks that have drive on beaches for projects here, or will it go into the general park fund? All revenue and donations generated by state parks is required by law to stay with state parks to support operations and maintenance.

Thanks for your time Greg I appreciate the input!

I hope this helps clear up a few concerns and questions.  I will let you all know as soon as we have the details as to when and how you may purchase these tags.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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