This Is NOT How You Drive On The Beaches In Delaware

Never Drive Through The Water At The Beach

(2018) … Jeep in the surf on Tuesday .. photo by Tamaron D’Ignoti

Sandy and Tamaron were on Conquest Beach not long ago looking for shells.  “This Jeep came flying down the beach weaving all around and driving like a maniac (not the word she used). Next thing you know he drives the jeep right into the surf, just like you see in a commercial, only this didn’t end like a commercial.  We were a ways down the beach so we walked down to check this mess out.”  Sandy Lowes

The horn was blaring and the wipers were going because the saltwater had basically turned everything on in the Jeep.  So he gets out and walks towards some surf fisherman, then all of a sudden he starts running towards them.  He walked back not long after and proceeded to try to back the jeep out of the surf.  You can see in the video it sank to the frame.  The tide would be coming in soon.  We left and as far as we know he is still out there, we walked on so there wasn’t much we could do but watch.  We contacted Rich who called the rangers so we figured they would deal with this issue.” ..  Sandy Lowes

Tracks gorightinto the surf, the gentlemen left the karma message …photo by Tamaron D’Ignoti
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We ran into this gentlemen who said that was karma.”  Sandy Lowes.  “Apparently the jeeper was driving erratically through the people at the walk on area. This gentleman was looking out for his kids, and then he watched the jeep drive into the surf.”

“That is what you get for almost hitting my kids, karma.”  the gentlemen

This is great example of why you do not drive on the wet sand and you damn sure stay out of the surf wash area.  I have no idea if he has been dragged out of the surf yet, and the tide will be coming in eventually.  Just because you see it on TV doesn’t mean it always works in real life.  Also we pulled several jeeps that got stuck this weekend.  Start airing down jeepers, your vehicles are not invincible, or waterproof in this case.

Fish On!

Rich King

Do Not Park In Or Drive Through Swales

Don’t drive through swales (tide pools)

Don’t park near the surf line at low tide.

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