NOAA’s NWS Launches Wave Detail Experiment Just In Time For Hurricane Fiona

(PHI) Mount Holly NJ is a participating office

(Sept 2022) … NOAA’s National Weather Service has launched a new experimental forecast with better details on waves or swells. The new product will show more detailed helpful information. Feedback is requested on this new version of the Coastal Waters Forecast. The addition of the new information will help mariners a great deal. The video below explains the system in detail. Please take the survey and give NOAA feedback.
(PHI) Mount Holly Proposed Coastal Waters Forecast (link is local for Delaware beaches and bay)

The new system is easy to use hover your cursor over the forecast and the updated experimental version will be overlaid. You can not do this on a phone.
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NWS … “The NWS, through this experimental product, will now provide wave height, period, and direction in the Coastal Waters Forecast (CWF). Currently, some Weather Forecast Offices (WFOs) only provide significant wave height, while others only provide wind wave and swell, creating inconsistencies.  The Experimental CWF Wave Component Update will enable NWS WFOs to provide enhanced wave information.  For more information on this experimental product see the Product Description Document. We are seeking feedback on this over the next several months, so please send us your input via this user survey

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