New Jersey Closes Beaches For Trash Washing Ashore

A lot of trash, needles especially, are washing up on New Jersey beaches and the state has had to close at least fifteen beaches so far from Long Branch to Deal.  The Surfrider Foundation: Jersey Shore Chapter is organizing an emergency clean up to help get rid of the trash.  I hope we don’t see any of this in Delaware.  During beach clean ups we find a lot of heroin bags, but have yet to find any needles.

The NJDEP is saying the trash is coming from heavy rain and the effect of flushing plastics down the toilet, stormwater drains, and run off.  This seems like an excessive amount of trash for just storm drain runoff from heavy rains.  Rehoboth just discovered their storm water pumps weren’t working for 2 years, and that is why they have had bacterial issues in the water.  That would be the ones they blame on the birds.  Maybe Jersey needs to check themselves as well.

EMERGENCY CLEANUP: There are a number of Beach closings from Long Branch to Deal because needles and plastics have been washing up in large amounts. We are getting gloves and equipment down to Hathaway Beach in Deal on Sunday (10 AM) for a cleanup. There will be more heavy rain Saturday night so we expect more plastics.

No children.

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Wear close-toed shoes or boots.

If you see needles, please DO NOT PICK THEM UP! Call the police or Monmouth County Department of Health at 732-431-7456. If you see plastics you can also call 1-800-WARN-DEP.

The NJDEP says this is from heavy rain and the effect of flushing plastics down the toilet. This is more than that. Littering and failure to eliminate single use plastics. Very sad.”

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