New DSP Surf Tag Program To Be Announced This Afternoon

The news stations just called for interviews to ask our reaction about the new surf tag program.
which apparently is being announced today, we were just informed … around 1 PM.
They will be here at 2 PM for my reaction.
Stay tuned .. No one knows how they are going to announce this either BTW
Yeah … I can’t wait to hear my reaction either. Because ….

If it is the reservation system we were told about a few months back. Absolutely not! You would have to let them know 24 hours ahead you want to go to the beach. Also you will have to pay for park access was one of the options i have heard. Apparently that idea was scrapped.
Basically the worst ways to regulate seem to keep popping up.
I honestly am fine with the OSV tag being separate from a park pass, I pay that for Assateague.
The park pass is really a parking pass, not an access pass or entry fee, since walking and riding a bike into a park are free.
We were asked to be in this committee months ago, but opted out when we were told limiting vehicle access (numbers) would not be considered at all. That was why we opted out helping, as well as some personal reasons. It is not a secret what many want for these beaches, protection.

The fact it is DNREC’s job as parks to protect our beach (environment) resources and they are not in this case for the sake of money, is not how that works.
Limit vehicle access and protect the resource first, not everyone’s feelings. Every user group has a great solution that works solely for them. I’ve heard it all. This should be interesting. I have a slim hope they do the right thing.
Any surf angler should realize limited access keeps you from getting run off the beach by a crowd at 9 AM. At 5 AM the beaches are empty. Think about that, take all the time you need.

I expect to see unlimited tag sales, the limit is actually hurting parks’ income. You are missing out on a lot of money from people who use the tag twice a year at best. Also the tag limit was never legal as it was not legislated nor as an emergency Secretary of DNREC order. They just did it, ask any DE state legislator. Just sayin

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