Navigational aids (buoys) are being placed in the inland bays

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navigational aids or buoys being placed by the aids to navigation crew … photo from the U.S. Coast Guard Station Indian River

The navigational aids placement was started on Monday the 7th of April.  Big thanks to the folks at the Coast Guard for leaving them in much longer than normal this winter.   Who knew the bay would freeze over so fast this year, or at all for that matter.  From the Indian River Coast Guard Station … “Update: Been receiving a lot of calls in regards to Whites, Peppers Creek and depths that aids to navigation will be set. These creeks will be marked until further notice and aids will be marking the best available water. By Wednesday all aids to navigation will be in place and will update upon completion. Please ensure to look at local notices to mariners for any status or updates to these existing aids.  Also we have worked with Aids to Navigation Team to replace south jetty light with high visibility LED conversion. Will be significant increase to navigation for our area. “   I know how they feel I have received hundreds of messages and emails about the Peppers creek and Whites creek navigational aids.  As far as I know they are going back in until further notice.  The waters back there at low tide have been examined by the company that places the buoys and they will decide the best locations with the most water.   The issue with that area is a prime example of why wee need these areas dredged and further protected from erosion on  land.  The fact this area is not a commercial waterway makes it of no concern to the powers that be.  The more these areas fill in the less water will be exchanged from tides, which will increase fish kills and poor water quality.  Factor in increased pollution, and it can get real messy, very fast.  Just my opinion, but when you look at everything going on back there it is not to hard to realize these issues.  If the bays were dredged and protected from further filling in, then there would be more water for dilution of waste water during tide changes.  That is not an opinion it is a fact.  Dredging would probably help decrease flooding issues, by allowing water to drain faster and not spread as far during floods.  Just my opinion again, but it has merit.  As far as everyone up in arms about waste water being dumped into the back bays and ocean.  Maybe we should look at the technology that treats the water and make that better, instead of worrying where this water is going, but instead try to make it much cleaner in the first place.  Then it won’t matter where it is used and we can find better solutions for that as well.  Sorry for going off on a tangent, but I keep hearing about these issues from a lot of people who feel helpless when they talk about them.


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