Navigation Aids To Be Removed From Inland Bays


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navigational aids or buoys being placed by the aids to navigation crew … photo from the U.S. Coast Guard Station Indian River

Every year the buoys, or navigational aids are removed from the Inland Bays to protect them from ice build up during the winter.  The buoys are also maintained and cleaned up for the spring season.  The Coast Guard gave me a heads up today that the buoys will be removed starting next week.  It takes a few days and weather pending they expect to have this started on the 9th and will probably take until the 11th to complete the removal.  We have the possibility of a strong Nor’easter next week.  If you are still planning on using the inland bays for fishing and boating make sure you get the courses plotted this weekend.  Pushing a boat off a sandbar in the winter is a cold experience, been there done that.

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