NASA Studies Dune On Mars, MPS Is On Scene

Nasa discovers dune on mars, curiosity rover, these are no the droids you are looking for
Ranger Martin of the MPS making sure the Curiosity Rover keeps its distance.

Not long after saltwater was discovered on Mars, a dune was also found.  Nasa’s Curiosity Rover has been taking pictures of the recently discovered dune in the last couple of weeks.  The MPS  (Mars Park Service) sent out Ranger Martin to make sure they kept a safe distance from the protected dunes.
We don’t mind visitors to our beaches , but we would prefer people stay off of the dunes”  said Ranger Martin.   “The Mars dunes, like dunes on any planet are formed by winds and can take years to form up and shape.  Constant damage to them can cause major erosion issues and wildlife disturbancesWe aren’t worried about ocean erosion, Mars don’t have any substantial water.  The surf fishing is terrible.  However, the giant worms, attracted to sound, can eat an entire human in seconds.  So that is the real reason to protect the dunes.  Losing tourists isn’t good for the park’s image.”  
The MPS would like to remind visitors to keep off the dunes.   

The last incident with Ranger Martin involved NASA’s curiosity rover being kicked out of the park for not actively fishing, NASA is making sure they comply with all MPS regulations since punishment can be harsh.   According to Duck Dodgers, Martian Queen Tyr’ahnee’s head of park security, “Recently we had a couple droids show up and walk across the dunes, they would not heed our warnings so Ranger Martin vaporized them with his  Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator.  We contacted the galactic Empire, and they said they were not concerned as these were not the droids they were looking for, but just some rouge space junk.”  The MPS is also worried once the word gets out, the spice miners of Arakkis might show up, but they assure us there is no spice on Mars.  No worms to see here.
Keep in mind all dunes are protected on all MPS jurisdictional planets, and some park services have very harsh reactions to violations.  

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