Mylar Balloon Grab Of The Year

I have seen countless pictures of mylar balloons spotted offshore.  This is hands down, the coolest mylar balloon grab offshore I have ever seen.  Captain Sharon Dounce on the Kalmar Nyckel retrieved a mylar balloon while the ship was underway.  This is hands down the balloon grab of the year!  If you are offshore and see mylar balloons please grab them it takes just a few seconds to minutes to collect any you see.  Marine life will ingest these balloons thinking they are food.


Mother’s day balloon found on Mother’s day. Nothing says let’s celebrate mother earth by smothering her life better than a mylar balloon.

A group in Ocean City is having a mylar balloon collecting contest.  We find them daily on our beaches, in our woods, they are everywhere.  I have found them in the woods miles from any signs or sounds of civilization.  Releasing mylar balloons or any balloons for that matter should be illegal not just in the state of Delaware but the entire country.  When you release a balloon you are littering, plain and simple.

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If you want to do a memorial for someone plant a tree, something positive for the environment.  Most of these balloons are released as a memorial for a loved one.

Please write your legislators and ask them to ban the release of balloons.  That goes for those lanterns too, they are just as bad despite the claim of biodegradable, which is also another word for flammable.

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