MV Twin Capes Will Be Sunk Next Month

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The tugboat, Justin, maneuvers the MV Twin Capes out of her berthing slip at the Cape May Ferry terminal.

The MV Twin Capes is scheduled to be sunk at the Del-Jersey-Land Artificial Reef off the Delaware coast by May 31st.  We learned this last night at the Tidal Finfish advisory board meeting.  Delaware needs the ferry sunk by May 31st to avoid any extra costs. 

I am looking forward to watching this event.  Seeing the Tamaroa sunk last year was wild, but this is a huge ferry.  It should be an interesting show to say the least.

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Tim Mullane’s Coleen Marine crew is always a pleasure to watch when they sink a ship.  These folks take their job very seriously.  It will take about three days to tow the MV Twin Capes to the Del-Jersey-Land Artificial Reef area.  We need three good days of weather and calm seas. 

This will be a media event for sure just like the Tamaroa.  There will be some really interesting footage from this sinking.  I will tell more about that at a later date.  Once we know a solid sinking date, we will keep you posted.

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