Multiple Delaware Surf Tag Holders Limited To One Daily Reservation

First and Latest Update Of The Surf Tag Reservation Pilot Program 2023

If you are a multiple Delaware State Park Surf Fishing tag holder, like many of us are for various reasons. We are now limited to one reservation per registered tag holder or customer.
Despite having more than one tag on different vehicles, you are one customer. I know many people this will effect. Large families, and the that husband fishes one place with his crew, wife fishes elsewhere with hers. One half of the household goes out early, the other half meets them later in the day. The “other half” is coming out after work or has to leave early for work. Things like that. This does stop the beach coalition from reserving all the spaces at Fenwick, but not really.

We have multiple tags because we have multiple 4 x 4’s for different occasions and needs. The best way to counter this is to reregister your vehicle in another name in the household, so you can make reservations for all of your surf tags.
I get that parks can make up rules as they go, but people purchased tags and are now being hit with another limit. Will there be a refund? Is this even legal? 80% of these surf tags are Delaware owned, call your state representative. The Tidal Finfish Advisory Council should be helping DNREC with these decisions as these rules effect tidal anglers who hold Delaware State fishing licenses and we have FIN numbers..

The letter below was sent out by parks last week …

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Reservations are limited to one per tag holder, including multiple tag holders.

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