Mola Mola Still in Rehoboth Bay and a Big Shark


Corey Brossman maneuvering the Mola Mola  from under his pontoon boat
Corey Brossman maneuvering the Mola Mola from under his pontoon boat

The ocean sunfish or Mola Mola is still in the Rehoboth Bay.  It is possible this is a different one from a few weeks ago, but not likely.  Corey Brossman saw it the other day and had to help it out from under his pontoon boat.  He was drifting when the mola mola swam up to his boat and tried to go under it and it almost got jammed up.  Corey was not under power at the time.  He did notice a few cuts and lashes on the side of the fish.  If you are out in the Rehoboth Bay boating please keep an eye out for this creature.  It would be a shame if it was killed from a boat running it over.  If you do see it do not try to catch it.  Two years ago some kids snagged and dragged one out of the Indian River Inlet.  The drove it around in their truck, showed it off, and then dumped it in the woods.  That was very sad to see.  I am going to ask Fish and Wildlife what we can do for this one, as far as maybe moving it to the ocean.  A few people I know have asked how can we help this Mola Mola get to safer waters.  I think the inlet currents, which are very strong, may be thwarting it from leaving the bay.  They will seek shallow bay waters when under stress.  One of their few predators are sharks.  That might explain the twelve foot plus shark Corey saw out there (Rehoboth Bay) a few days ago.  The same day the hammerhead shark was sighted in Ocean City.  He took some video of the shark but we have not been able to get a positive identification.  Corey said it was surreal, a fin approached his boat, and swam between the pontoons.  When the tail was just about to the front of the boat the engine was bumped as well as the side of the pontoon.  He was drifting (fishing), not under power at the time and in about twelve feet of water in the Rehoboth bay.  He said it was like a movie.  “It was 5:30 in the evening, I am by myself, and no one is out here.  I took video because no way anyone was going to believe me.”  You never know what kind of creatures will pop up around the Inland Bays.

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