Migratory Spawned Out Striped Bass On The Move

Migratory striped bass once spawned out are spring skinny

All of your seasoned striped bass anglers are familiar with these fish in many ways from baits, and habits all the way to physiology. The newer anglers are still learning. If you want to know whether you have a striped bass laden with eggs or not, the difference is very obvious. The first clue would be the catch location. Are you in a striped bass spawning grounds area or near one? Things like that we just know, and take for granted that everyone else knows too
A prespawn bass is fat and loaded with eggs (roe). They look like they have been eating for months, then they spawn, or spawn out. Their shape changes real quick, like this one below.

assateague, striped bass, rockfish, linesider
45 inch striped bass caught by Dave Moore at Assateague
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Now you have a skinny streamlined striped bass swizzle stick that is about to go buck wild on the feed bag. These are the fish we are seeing along the beaches of Assateague and Delaware right now. These striped bass have spawned out and are leaving the Chesapeake bay, heading north. There are many more still coming, so don’t panic, yet. This action usually lasts until late May
How close to the coast will they stick to feed? THAT my friend is the question. All we can do is target striped bass, put in the time, hope some run the coast, and that they are hungry.

OR … if you surf fish like Dave Moore. You go out today and move to a new spot, because your preferred spot got mugged by a parking lot. SO, Dave being Dave, who can read a beach like a champ in the dark, while blindfolded with kelp.
He finds a nice cut with some holes, bars, and troughs. With no one around for miles.
Then he drops the hammer on a 45 inch striped bass and a decent black drum. All in a day’s fishing for the Shark Whisperer.

Non Offset Circle Hooks Required For Striped Bass

Striped Bass Incidental Catches Are Legal In Delaware

assateague, striped bass, rockfish, linesider
25 inch striped bass Dave Mppre caught as well.

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