Meet Abra-Clam Lincoln

Abra-clam Lincoln is a recently found quahog clam, yes the same clam shells we find along the Delaware beaches. The worn chips of the quahog clam are used as beads called wampum. This particular clam is very old.
The clam was discovered by one of the Gulf Specimen Marine Lab’s AmeriCorps members, Blaine Parker, over Presidents’ Day weekend while walking along Alligator Point near Tallahassee. They were looking for shellfish to prepare fresh clam chowder

Blaine Parker holding Abra-Clam Lincoln … Gulf Specimen Marine Lab
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This particular quahog clam was discovered off the coast of Florida and has gained a lot of attention due to its size and unique features. It measures over 6 inches in diameter and weighs over 2.5 pounds, making it one of the largest clams ever found. Adding to its intrigue and rarity. Scientists at the Gulf Specimen Marine Lab counted the rings on its shell and determined it was born in 1809, the same year as Abraham Lincoln. Therefore it was named Abra-clam Lincoln. The comedy of science in naming species is right up there with dad jokes..

Abr-clam Lincoln

While Abra-clam Lincoln may not have the same historical significance as the president it was named after, it is still a fascinating discovery in the world of marine biology. Its unique coloring and massive size have captured the attention of researchers and the general public alike, and it is sure to remain a topic of interest for years to come. Who knows what other fascinating creatures are waiting to be discovered in the depths of the ocean or the shallows of the mud flats?

All is clam when you’re Abra-clam

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