Maryland Sets New Slot Striped Bass limits for Chesapeake and Atlantic Coast

Maryland’s Striped Bass Limits change May 16th

Due to the new ASMFC recommendations, which all states will follow. Maryland is getting ahead of that right after the 2023 trophy rockfish season ends. This is a 6 month order by the ASMFC and will be reevaluated. I’d expect to see these limits stay active much than 6 months and I’d guess a few years. It is going to take a few years to reverse this stock issue.

Maryland’s new striped bass regulations go into effect on May 16, 2023. The new slot limit is 28 to 31 inches for the ocean and coastal bays. The Chesapeake bay and tributaries will have a 19 to 31 inch slot limit. It can get confusing for some areas.
MD DNR has updated their website to show every area’s regulation. Maryland Striped Bass Regulations . The Striped Bass Regulations Maps have been updated as well. These are very helpful to see in color what areas are open and closed.

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