Mary Lee Is Back In “Town”


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Mary Lee pings off the coast of New Jersey

Mary Lee pinged eight times off the coast of New Jersey.  Most likely she is hunting striped bass as well.  Where she pinged eight times it looks like she was after food on the top of the water out there, like bass blitzing bait or something else.  Someone should fine her for being in the EEZ.  Also there have been reports of albies and huge bluefish far offshore.  Some Maryland anglers got into yellowfin tuna and even a big eye over the weekend in the canyons.  There is still a lot of food for her out there.  No doubt she is around feeding but on what is a good question.  Mary Lee was the first white shark tagged by OCEARCH.  She is a  16-foot, 3,500-pound-plus mature female great white.  She was tagged in 2012 off the coast of Cape Cod and named Mary Lee after the OCEARCH expedition leader Chris Fischer’s mother.  It is a thrill to follow her travels the past few years for many of her fans online.  I would still worry about the ones you can’t see.  Recently a white shark washed up near Crystal Pier at the Oceanic Restaurant on North Carolina’s Wrightsville Beach and that created some excitement.  Cause of death was not able to be determined following a necropsy, but further tests are being done on tissue samples.

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