Manta Ray Breaches Off Delmarva Coast


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Manta Ray seen off the coast in Ocean City, MD … photo by Laura Seigel Powell

Not long ago a Manta ray was seen breaching off the coast of Ocean City and some folks saw something similar at Fenwick Island state park but could not identify the jumper.  This happened last year in front of Rehoboth beach but no one got a picture and many thought it was unlikely a manta ray would be in Delaware waters.  The gulf stream brings us all kinds of fish and even a manatee this year in the Chesapeake Bay and then the Delaware River.  The manta ray is a filter feeder and consumes huge amounts of zooplankton.    Laura Seigel Powell owner of the website Seas, Sands, and Skies managed to take a picture of the manta ray breaching but at the time had no idea what she had captured on camera and posted this on her Facebook page .  “At a 11 AM this morning, around 37th street, 400 yards out something breached. Twice. Everyone (all ten of us on the beach) saw it and thought it was a whale. I was fortunate enough to catch some of it… but I have to be honest, after zooming in on it, I have zero clue what I am looking at. Anyone??? ”   There is probably more than one manta ray out there since multiple sightings occurred on the same day and for a few days afterwards.  Reports of sightings came from Assateague to Ocean City and Fenwick Island.  They have been seen farther off the coast before but never this close.   Everyday I am at the beach I see something jump way off in the distance.  You never know what you are going to see at the beach in the summer.

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