Make Any Fish Look 50 Pounds

Our buddy Todd AF showed us how to make our black drum look fifty pounds the other day.  Never mind the fact Todd AF is a six-inch action figure, he catches big fish, well, according to him.  He is fun to fish with, but really quiet which is great and annoying.  He just catches a fish and holds it up, with a look on his face … “check out this beast!”   His plastic like expression is annoying when he does that, we hate him.

Todd AF high hook on white perch over the weekend

If you want your fish to look huge use an action figure, maybe one larger than Todd so it is more believable.  He cleaned up on the white perch the other day in the crick with bloodworms.  “we were slamming a fish every cast, these forty pound white perch were mixed in with these fifty pound black drum. ”  Can’t expect too much from the dude, after all he is made out of recycled plastic tampon applicators, poor fella has had a rough life.   

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Next time we are putting a treble hook on Todd AF and seeing just how well he can catch fish.

Fish On!

Rich King 

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