Low Tide, High Winds, Big Waves, Typical Nor’easter Continues Into Tuesday

17.4 is the largest wave height at 1 AM, wind at 72 mph in Lewes.

We are here … low tide, the beaches are washed to the dunes, waves are still in the 16 foot range. These are typical nor’easter conditions. Inland bay communities are flooded as usual. Plenty of water stacked up to flood the next two high tide cycles. Last night turned out better than expected, but still a lot of water has filled the inland bays.
Lots of debris on the flooded road sections, wood with nails is a concern. The gale force winds will not start subsiding until Tuesday. The inland bays will continue to stack in water each high tide. Hopefully just the normal annoying nor’easter flooding. But the longer it lingers the more it eats the beaches and floods the inland bays a bit more each time. A full moon flood tide would be brutal right now.

Rehoboth Beach low tide 8:30 AM Sunday

Use The Beach Web Cams To Check Conditions

The largest wave recorded so far was 17.4 feet at buoy station 44009 off our coast just before 1 AM Sunday morning. I have yet to check all of the buoys, because this one usually has the largest numbers for nor’easters. It is right in the path of the storm surge.

Be careful out there we are gonna go surf fish the sloppy wash.

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Buoy station 44009 off the Delaware beaches current readings at 8:30 AM Sunday
Buoy station 44009 off the Delaware beaches

Marine Forecast Discussion …. NOAA

A strong northeast flow will continue on the coastal waters of 
New Jersey and Delaware, and on Delaware Bay for today and 
tonight due to low pressure remaining off Cape Hatteras and high
pressure centered in eastern Canada. A Gale Warning will be in 
effect for all waters. We should be able to downgrade the Gale 
Warning on upper Delaware Bay to a Small Craft Advisory around 

Waves on our ocean waters will likely remain in the 10 to 15 
foot range. Waves on Delaware bay are expected to be generally 2
to 5 feet, except near the mouth of the bay, where they should 
be close to 7 or 8 feet.


Monday and Tuesday...Winds will gradually subside below gale 
force by Tuesday on the Atlantic coastal waters. For the 
Delaware Bay, SCA conditions are likely for at least Monday and 
may linger into Tuesday.

Wednesday...Winds should subside further below SCA thresholds 
by late Wednesday, though elevated seas may continue on the 
Atlantic Coastal Waters. 

Thursday...Winds should stay below SCA criteria. Seas on the 
Atlantic coastal waters should subside below 5 feet by late 
Surfers at southside on Saturday in a nor’easter

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