Looking for fish in the surf? Check the current wrack line for leftovers

Reading the beach is a must for finding good structure, but what about finding actual fish feeding? One of many things we look for when searching for a good spot to surf fish are recent leftovers from feedings. Depending on the targeted species, or time of year. What to look for changes, not the technique. This time of year we look for sand flea parts, recent pieces. That sounds like fish candy.
Lady crab (Ovalipes ocellatus) parts are good to look for as well. It is easy to tell if the leftovers are recent, the pieces are fresh. Some can be used for bait. The “current” wrack line is whatever is washing up while you are there, like in the picture below. The wave receded and left these pieces behind. Fish are close and feeding. This time of year, I am looking for these signs and not worried as much about structure.

Sand flea parts and shell husks along the current wrack line washing up

These sand flea pieces, chunks, shell husks, or leftovers are what remains after a school of fish(s) chew off a piece or two. Parts of the shells, even whole fleas with eggs wash up you can use for bait. When you see this along a section of beach. That is where you want to surf fish, these are fresh leftovers from a recent feeding.
Wednesday (yesterday) we used sand flea and bloodworm formulas and hammered spot and kingfish for hours. After finding this area covered in leftovers.
This same technique works looking for larger predators such as drum, look for recent crushed up clam shells. That is a sign drum are in the area.
Always look for signs of fish feeding in the area, and leftovers is a big one.

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Sand flea parts and shell husks along the current wrack line washing up

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