Lighthouse Cove Proposal tonight in Dewey Beach

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Lighthouse and Ruddertowne in Dewey Beach, DE

There is a public meeting tonight to discuss proposed bayside improvements in Dewey Beach.  This meeting will be overseen by DNREC.  The proposal is about increasing the width of the bay beach at the end of Van Dyke Street, including adding more piers.  This is part of the Lighthouse Cove redevelopement project.  The meeting will be at the Bay Center on Dickinson Street … DNREC will hold a Public Hearing tonight, Friday, February 8, from 6:00-9:00 p.m. at the DBE Ruddertowne Cove Restaurant, Dickinson Street at the Bay, Dewey Beach, DE.  Public comment is welcomed at the hearing.   Should be an interesting subject, and may be a necessary amenity for the town.  I don’t think people realize this, but a few of our sponsors I have talked with do now.  This summer the beaches in Delaware and Maryland are going to be very crowded.  Why??

Hurricane Sandy recovery will take years in some areas up North.  There are thousands still displaced by this storm, entire summer rental houses are simply not there anymore.  Charters can not operate out of marinas that are no longer there.  Our area is going to need more places to park boats and accommodate visitors.  The increase of people coming  here will be a great revenue boost to our beach communities.  For that very reason, we are in favor of anything that helps our beach communities make more money, and visitors more comfortable.  I know for a fact this is going to happen.  We see it on our servers, everyday.  The traffic online searching this area has tripled in the last month or so, from areas that normally go elsewhere.  Commercials are popping up on TV in Northern PA about visiting  Maryland beaches and Ocean City.  In an area that usually just advertised NY and NJ beaches.  People we know are coming here because where they used to vacation is longer there.  I saw an interview recently on TV, and when asked where are you going this year, the response was Delaware or Maryland beaches.

Just some food for thought, but if you were ever interested in advertising on DSF.  Now is the time …

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Fish On!!

Rich King

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