Last Missing Rehoboth Lifeguard Stand Recovered


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Chincoteague Coast Guard with the last Rehoboth Lifeguard stand … photo from Hank Deatrich …

The last Rehoboth life guard stand we reported on earlier today seen out at sea by Stefan Talabisco and friends,  was recovered yesterday by the Coast Guard in Chincoteague.  DSF’s Facebook page received a comment today to the thread on the article from  Hank Deatrich … “Coast Guard Station Chincoteague recovered one yesterday offshore by the MD/VA Line. We are trying to arrange a way to return it.  We did receive the coordinates from Station Ocean City, MD yesterday, it was not in their AOR (Area Of Responsibility). My guys grabbed it and tied it down for the trip back.”   So now that the lifeguard stands have all been found people can rest easy they will not run into one in a boat late at night, and just in time for the White Marlin open.  There will be a lot of boats in the area for that as well as usual traffic from the busy summer season.  Now hopefully Rehoboth Police can get to the bottom of this and maybe it will never happen again.

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