Hunting Delaware with James Blackstock, sussex county, kent county, waterfowl hunting, turkey, game, deer, buck, duck, goose, dove
Hunting Delaware with James Blackstock

I’ve enjoyed spending my time in the outdoors as long as I can remember. Hunting, fishing, and just generally being in the great outdoors is my greatest passion. There’s pretty much nothing I’d rather be doing, than sitting quietly up in a tree stand during the fall season, enjoying the crisp air and changing leaves, in pursuit of the often elusive white tailed deer.

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I like to think that I’m a good representative of most of the typical hunters out there. Those outdoors men and women who are often considered to be the “weekend warriors.” We work various jobs and careers throughout the year and look forward to the chance to escape from the daily grind to get into the outdoors to recharge our batteries. I’m not what you would call a professional hunter. Nor am I like those hunting guys that you see on outdoors television. Those hunters that are sponsored by big name hunting and outdoor companies and organizations, that often get to hunt all over the country, in the most prime real estate and peak hunting seasons. I balance a full time career that pays the bills, and it is what affords me the opportunity to get outdoors and do what I love.

My hope is that my articles will share my passion for hunting and the outdoors. And that just because the hunting seasons are closed and you can’t harvest game, the hunting season truly never ends.

James Blackstock

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