How Old Is Your Black Drum

(April 2019) … We all like catching big fish, but sometimes that big fish could be older than the angler. People would be surprised just how old some fish of these fish get. Black Drum are starting to hit in the surf in Delaware finally and they have been for a little while south of us in Maryland and Virginia. The only black drum on Beach Plum today are small ten inchers mixed in with the perch.

black drum, delaware, sussex county, beach plum island state park, delaware bay
Corby Fulton took off the skunk with this big black drum at Beach Plum Island State Park 2016

I like to eat the smaller drum at 16 to 28 inches, not just for the fact that by letting the big drum go you are helping keep the breeder stocks up, but for the fact many large drum have worms. Not all of them do mind you, but many have been known to hold worms. Not to mention that 60 pound plus drum could be 30 years old. Eeeeew, don’t think so, that has been marinating in our waters for a long time. Also big drum meat looks like a bland colored side of beef.

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puppy drum, black drum, atlantic fish, delaware, sussex county, dewey beach, surf fishing beach towns
Puppy drum are still hot in the surf at Dewey Beach … Matt Adams

Use clams or sand fleas for the black drum. The sand fleas are in the surf and so are the drum looking for them as well as any clams they can find to crush and eat. Short line surf rigs are perfect so you can keep the bait close to the bottom where they feed. In the late summer we catch a ton of the puppy drum in the surf on fishbites or bloodworms. on top and bottom rigs, which is what is working right now for the little surf puppies.

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