House Bill 197 To Add Fees To Surf Tags and Park Passes

There is a Bill in Dover, that has passed the house already. Introduced last year. Proposing to add a fee or service charge to agents issuing surf tags. For example a bait shop as an agent is paid a dollar to take your info and issue a Delaware recreational fishing license. Personally I think that fee is way too low for the work involved. The trade off is supposed to be business gained for the shop. Not too easy when you are filling out licenses all day at twenty minutes a clip. I mean who doesn’t want to make three bucks an hour doing a state job. The shops I know that don’t offer Delaware recreational fishing licenses still do great business.

Anyway …

House Bill 197 you might want to check it out. Oddly this was started in Sussex county. The only place that may qualify as an agent is the life saving station museum or the place in Greenville maybe. There are plenty of agents in Kent county like Carlisle Marine. I totally agree with paying agents a decent fee for their time. Park employees get paid by the hour to process this paperwork, why shouldn’t an agent?

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