Great White Shark Betsy Visits Delaware Beaches


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Great White shark Betsy tagged by OCEARCH shows up off our coast on November 21st

Yesterday the great white shark Betsy tagged by the OCEARCH organization pinged off of Henlopen acres.  Then she pinged off of Delaware Seashore State Park, and eventually 3Rs beach.  Now she is back out to sea.  Ever since people started tracking these sharks online it makes you wonder how many more are always out there, not just these few we can follow.  In case you are wondering why she would come so close to shore, seals starting showing up last week, great whites hunt and  eat seals.  I am just hoping Betsy did not scare every fish for miles away from the surf.  We also have a small Mako and Tiger shark that have been tracked near Delaware but not as close as Betsy when she visited yesterday.  Remember when Septima popped up in the Isle Of Wight bay this summer?  Like I said, it makes you wonder how many more are actually in our waters when only so few are tagged, yet we see them so close to home.  Sharks live in the ocean, and these great whites travel up and down our coast, this tracking program is discovering all kinds of great information about these majestic creatures.  What are the odds a tagged shark would pop up near our beaches?

Great White shark, OCEARCH, atlantic sharks, seal hunting, the canyons
Great White shark
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The fishing out there has been frigid to say the least, and we had a bit of a warm up, but the cold mornings have been a reminder old man winter is here to stay.  Warming up this weekend will be a nice change.  Living near the water makes for crazy weather patterns sometimes.  The fishing has been mostly junk fish the surf (skates and dogs).  Shorty striped bass and small blues at the Indian River Inlet, and the inland bays.  Tautoggin has been getting better when you can get a boat out there.  There are still a few keeper striped bass coming from the outfalls in the Delaware Bay.  The upper bay is still producing keepers and a lot of shorts.  Sea basssin has been great for the anglers braving the long cold ride.  Today and Sunday will be a warmer day in the sand box and we will have to wait and see what is produced.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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