Great Seeing These In The Surf

Elver or Glass eel Lynne Larson caught in the surf wash after the beach clean up on March 24th … photo by Lynne Larson

Today and last week elvers or glass eels were found in the surf. These are traveling back to the freshwater ponds of Delmarva to mature. They are illegal to keep , or collect. Lynne caught one last week after the beach clean up scooping for sea glass and shells. They have been in the surf for a while, probably feeding the striped bass.

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Elver or Glass eel Lynne Larson found in the surf wash

Glass Eels or elvers sell for up to a $1,000 a pound. If you find one put it back, the fact these manage to live in the ocean, and then make it back to the ponds is amazing. Now all they have to do is make it up and over the spillways and dams. We need ot make a lure that mimics these.

Fish On!
Rich King

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