Good And Bay Day Of Fishing


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Matt Shoup owner of Fenwick Bait and Tackle hitting blues in the surf

We all have those days.  One day is hot as hell and the next is a total skunk, today was that day, the skunk and it felt like hell.  We went back to the Cape Henlopen Fishing pier beach and it was a total wash out.  It happens.  For all of you complaining of the “spot burn” get over it, the tackle shop, Lighthouse Bait and Tackle are just doing their job, it’s a business.  I’m just tired of answering my phone.  Besides those blues are all over the place as we found out today.  Well, we knew they were already, I have friends in New York and North Carolina slamming these spring blues.  They are all over the place, so calm your chi kids, this ain’t over yet!  While we got skunked at the pier, Fenwick Island beach was on fire!  So you just never know.  The fish came in to the pier area but never came close to the beach.  Maybe it was no sunlight, or the guys wading in the slough that the fish usually run.  Depends on who you ask. I’m going for the latter of the two.


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Matt Dammeyer .. “Hey you said there were blues out here, WTF is this!”

So while we are skunking hard, the beaches elsewhere had blues all over them.  It happens.  Several beaches blew up in the surf right in the wash.  The beaches were rough today and the fish were feeding close to shore.  Also once the beaches cleared of anglers at the pier, the bluefish turned on hard-core.  It happens, and it happened last night as well.  Tired of hearing it happens, we are too.  It is fishing, get out there!  Assateague Island blew up at the same time, again these fish are up and down the east coast. Dave Moore .. “Probably the most intense fishing days I’ve ever experienced with a great friend. Easily 30 bluefish all over 30” for 2 hours non stop “  I also had buddies at Frisco beach in NC straight slamming these blues this afternoon.

rockfish, striped bass, delaware, sussex county,
Matt Dammeyer … we got another one of these trash fish, where are the blues!!??

Matt Shoup at Fenwick Tackle today …    “I know your probably tired from reeling these guys in, but first cast right behind our shop!!  Surf on 3 oz spoon. Right behind fenwick shop. Guy came in who was up on fenwick drive on catching them on bunker too.”  The boys at the beach were destroying gator blues in the wash of the surf on spoons or bunker chunks.  They said the action was sick!  Matt slammed four blues in ten minutes, sounds like my day yesterday.

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bluefish, delaware, sussex county
Chris Huk … “Once the anglers finally cleared the bite picked up, never leave, we killed it!”

Meanwhile this evening the blue bite turned back on at the pier in Cape Henlopen.  Also the striped bass are moving in and it is an evening bite.  The migratory striped bass are moving through in the evening mostly.  you can slam rats in the surf all day, but the bigguns are rolling through at night.  Not too surprised, they are bass after all.  Matt Dammeyer … “It was a good night, my old man is always right, nothing’s gonna happen till sunset. Soon as the sun hit the horizon, it was on!!”  The boys hammered the striped bass and on the fly! Teh wizards of the long wands gotit done!  Time to regroup the crew and get back out tomorrow.  Because if you don’t go you won’t know.

Boots In Sand, Fish On Land!

Fish On!

Rich King


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