Where Are You Gonna Fish This Weekend

Parks are hoping to have the drive ons open tomorrow, be careful driving at high tide.  All you are gonna find out there is skates, but not too many tourists.  A lot of people are headed this way for the weekend to start opening up their houses for the coming season.  Traffic will be a little heavier than it has been this winter.

striped bass, delaware, kent county, susse county, short bass, rats, schoolies, liesider, rockfish
Kristen Stadelman’s “schoolie” striped bass from the upper Delaware Bay area before Storm Toby.

Fishing could be decent at the beach, you never know unless you try, two years ago we were catching a lot of short bass (rats) in the surf.  Trying is the only way you are going to catch anything.  Use bloodworms, that is the best bait this time of year, don’t waste your time or money with bunker or any cut bait.  Maybe small pieces of squid, but that usually catches skate.  You will need to be near structure for better results, we all know where that is located … Roosevelt Inlet, Naval Jetty and Indian River Inlet.

The tidal creeks and waterways are where you want to do your fishing.  Targeting white perch and short bass to some keepers on occasion.    Broadkill river, Lewes Canal, Canary creek, Vines Creek, and Love Creek to name a few down here.  Up north you can fish Bowers at the new jetty,  Milford at the pier for perch and shorts.  The C&D canal down to Woodland beach and in between.  There has been action in all of those areas and traditionally we all know that.

trash, augustine beach, wildlife area, delaware,kent county, route 9
Paul Jonovic and Kristen Stadelman cleaned all of this up at Augustine Beach last week.

Watch some of the areas around Augustine they have been closed thanks to people who poach and leave trash, nice work by the way.  Ruining it for everyone else.  Great work by a few friends who pick up as much as they can when they are fishing.  Again bloodworms are the bait of choice.  Check your worms before you buy them, some of the shops have some very skimpy bags.

You can use bucktails and swim shads but you will need to work them really slow for any action.  The water is still cold but lures are producing.

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The end of the Cape Henlopen fishing pier is still closed, which is a shame because that structure of the old pier could be holding some fish.  If you do fish the pier try close to the pylons fish will be in tight looking for food on structure.  You will be targeting striped bass.  Flounder will make an appearance soon, not sure when but you never know.  The sings of spring are emerging and they should not be too far behind, water temperature will govern that movement  The water is still pretty cold but the flats around the pier will be warmer than the ocean beaches.


short striped bass, delaware, sussex county, rockfish, short striped bass, linesider, spring bass, rat wrangling
Matt Adams sent this to me the other day … Dude we were getting these 2 years ago today!”
I know it is coming soon!

The Inland bays are starting to heat up.  The back bay areas are seeing some action in the shallower areas around the marsh grass banks.  Lot of grass shrimp back there and some mummichugs (minnows) starting to show.  That gets the fish excited and feeding.  Masseys ditch is peaking to forty-three degrees but that is deeper, cold water.  You have to get where the water is shallow and the sun can warm the dark mud bottom.  Bloodworms and grass shrimp are good baits, you can use lures, but again work them slow.  The magic number is said to be fifty degrees to get the fish really chewing, which is true, but I am finding they are rather hungry you just have to have more patience.  Also bait and wait is easier this time of year, it lets the fish come to you.

Either way it should be a decent weekend.  Except Sunday we will have some heavier northeast winds and larger waves.  That will be a good time to find an out-of-the-way area and get out of the wind.  Pond hopping for bass and pickerel is a good time for that.

Fish On!

Rich King


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