Ghost Crab Pot

A ghost crab pot also known as a derelict crab pot is just that, an abandoned crab pot. These are lost, left, buoys knocked off by boats and lost. There are a myriad of reasons ghost pots care created.
GCP’s are detrimental to wildlife. Though they can act as a small artificial reef they trap and kill wildlife, especially turtles and terrapins.

Often seen at low tide in marsh areas sticking out of the water. These derelict crab pots are also a hazard to boaters getting caught up in the lower units or propeller.

twelve dead diamond back terrapins found in the mud of a ghost crab pot

Any gear left behind that kills wildlife is referred to as ghost (gear). Fishing nets, mostly commercial, left behind in waters are referred to as ghost nets. These are incredibly detrimental to fish, marine mammals and wildlife,

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