Getting That Jersey Bass


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The boys were on the fish today …photo from Corey Joseph

Well the bass action is the hottest off the Jersey coast. Anglers are either going over there and hiring charters or making a forty to eighty mile run up the coast out of Lewes, even farther out of Indian River Inlet.  Virginia is seeing huge striped bass now as well, upwards of fifty-one inch fish being brought to the scales.  Once boat up in Jersey get on the fish they are hammering them and stacking them up like cord wood in coolers.  I have seen a lot of pictures of anglers holding their limits.  Fish are so hungry and feeding heavily they are hitting two at a time.  There have been some migratory bass in Delaware, but they are coming through in small waves of schools and you have to be there when they are around.  They are not sticking around.  You also have to hope they are within the EEZ since once they come off the point at Cape May if they roll straight out from there they are way off Delaware’s coast making a “B” line towards Virginia.  Some of those VA bass are coming from the Chesapeake Bay, which is on fire in many areas as well.  Not every striped bass moves with the larger migratory schools or main migration.  There are early and late bass every year.  New York is still seeing some decent keeper action on migratory bass.  I am hoping we see some striped bass action in our waters this weekend. There are certainly enough boats out there trying.  The coast of Jersey looks like a parking lot today in some areas with whales in the mix feeding on bunker schools.

striped bass, rockfish, new jersey,manaquan, point pleasant, trolling, line siders, stretch 25, mojos
Corey Joseph and the boys hitting them two at a time near Manasquan NJ
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Meanwhile the short striped bass action in our waters is off the hook.   Inland bays, Canary Creek, Indian River, Herring Creek, Love creek just to name a few areas are all seeing some heavy short bass with the occasional keeper action.  These are all resident fish but a blast to catch. Once you are into a school it is a fish every cast.  Areas with structure like marinas are great places to look, especially near any lights at night.  The early morning and evening bite have been the best, but daytime is just as fine to look for a resident school of short bass.  Darker swim shads at night and white or light colors during the day.  The traditional bucktail never fails either.  White flies are working the best around the inland bays.

Fish on!

Rich King

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