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Blue claw crabs, hard crabs
Blue claw crabs

Earlier this month at the World Seafood Conference held in the UK, one of the main topics was responsible sourcing. Seafood companies around the world are trying to implement a “code of ethics” to help eliminate such issues as slavery and labor brokering currently used to drive down the prices of seafood. This is happening in many countries that produce a great deal of the worlds crab meat, salmon and other seafood. 

The report, which was produced by ethics consultant Roger Plant for Seafish, focuses mainly on the South East Asia area. This region produces a great deal of seafood that is sold locally on the Delmarva peninsula.

Roger said: “The issue of slavery and labor brokering in the seafood supply chain won’t go away and no country is immune to these activities. The only way to stop what is going on is through collective action by the seafood industry as a whole and across the globe. The supply chain needs to find ways to share information and be proactive in reporting findings during audits, as well as pioneer joint investigations on issues such as slave labor which will provide benefits to everybody involved.  “However, I believe the biggest change required is a code of conduct on social responsibility, similar to the FAO codes on responsible fisheries which has led to vast improvements in the sustainability of the marine environment.

Here on Delmarva we are a very small cog in the machine that is the global seafood market, but I see it every day.  Local restaurants are more concerned about their own bottom line rather than quality of their products and sourcing practices. This is not something that can be changed overnight but if we all make a conscious effort next time we’re out purchasing seafood maybe we can make a dent. Buying and using local fresh crab meat and fish isn’t always the cheapest option, but it gives you something to think about next time you order that $16.95 “seafood” platter.

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