Get Actively Wrecked With DNREC You Don’t Even Need A Reservation

It has been a long time coming, but due to recent legislation possibilities DNREC decided to get into the game early. I mean this is a great idea.
DNREC … “We decided it would be way more better to just go ahead and make sure everyone was good and relaxed before all of our future meetings. We have found a room full of stoners are easier to communicate with”

What’s the new slogan? …

DNREC … “Get Actively Wrecked With DNREC”… said one representative. “This way no matter what kind of crazy we tell them about rules or why we can’t enforce something, they’re too stoned to care. We have anew building we are using for the Get Wrecked Den “

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Anglers and hunter’s reaction? …
“Man are they nuts, this makes no sinsemilla at all!!
” I’ve never been sober for a DNREC meeting, so I’m all good!”
I’m stoned for these meetings anyway, so I really don’t care then, or right now.”

Will they have edibles?
DNREC … “Yes we are going to be using some of the invasive plants and genetically alter the Phragmites so it is a smokable plant. We figure the invasive plants will all be gone in two seasons. Delaware’s own Phragmites Kush
. “

Where will the Get Wrecked Den be located?
We are building a nice little place on the bay next to Beach Plum Island State Park. It will have a lovely calming view and a great place to host all of our meetings. Maybe now everyone will show up to meetings, and they won’t need a reservation.

The new Wreck Den by DNREC near Beach Plum Island State Park

Guess What Day it is …..

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