Free Parking For Fishing In Lewes May End

Lewes Town Council Has Knew Parking Charges Proposed

The Roosevelt inlet is a host to a variety of fish species and is a popular fishing spot for many shore anglers. Looking for summer flounder, striped bass, northern pufferfish, bluefish, croaker, spot, and all the summer favorites. Cast netting for mullet, baitfish, and bunker moving through the inlet. Walking on and surf fishing Lewes beach near the inlet jetty, an area monitored and controlled by DNREC.

harp seal, delaware, sussex county, roosevelt inlet, lewes canal, ice pack
Harp seal that visited Roosevelt Inlet

Seals visit in the winter to feed and nap on the occasional ice flows. Bird watchers, photographers, and beach combers frequent the area too. These are just the normal locals and groups aside from the summer crew that visits who uses the area. some people pull in just to watch the sunset then leave and go shopping or hit a restaurant. That might change now too.

roosevelt inlet, lewes delaware
Favorite place to catch a sunset while throwing out a line.

The aquatic crossroads are there, Canary creek, Lewes canal, and the Broadkill river all meet and end at the Roosevelt inlet, leading into the Delaware Bay, aka the Big D. The best part is the parking has always been free, year round. Now that may change.

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The Broadkill River below, meeting Canary creek, the Rehoboth/Lewes canal and Roosevelt inlet that empties into the Delaware Bay

Lewes town council is proposing adding or marking thirty-two parking spaces at the Roosevelt inlet parking lot and charge for these. I am sure that will be seasonal. The parking proposed will be angled.

This will decrease the use of that area by many anglers and users wanting to just drop by for a quick visit or a cast. Thereby creating an economic loss for the area due to lack of interest to pay to park to fish or enjoy a sunset for a hot minute. Never understood how much a drinking town with a fishing problem seems to prefer to displace anglers and anything fishing related these days. Have you seen the old menhaden net drama? Of course this is partially because of people trashing the place. That isn’t just the anglers folks. I would gladly pay for a seasonal parking pass if it cut down on the litter etc. But we all see how well that doesn’t work in the parks etc.
Anyway ..
Just a heads up, because most likely Lewes is going to charge to park at the Roosevelt Inlet during the summer parking “season” in Lewes. Which seems to keep getting longer in all the beach towns. The parking charge season, not the summer season, that doesn’t end much anymore.

For a bonus this year though, did you know you can ride Stiffler’s Mom in Lewes now too. I’ll tell you about that tomorrow.

Harp Seal Visits Roosevelt Inlet Today

Roosevelt Inlet on the Lewes beach side at low tide
Roosevelt Inlet when the old structure was in the middle

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