Floundering In The Heat


My name is Joe Yack. This is the first of many articles I hope to write for DSF, I hope you like it!


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Joe Yack with some Delaware Bay flounder.
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Not a day goes by that I don’t wake up and think…”If I could, where would I fish today?” It has been that way for years. In years past when I was still working as a carpenter/superintendent my career got in the way and now it is health issues and money woes. I still wake up and wonder where to fish, each and every day.
With the July 4th Holiday weekend approaching my thoughts this morning turned to flounder fishing the middle Delaware Bay area. In past years when the big schools of adult bunker move up the bay the flounder fishing can be tremendous! The years when for whatever reason the bunker do not show in great numbers the flounder fishing suffers. A recent report from a friend that gillnets for Bunker revealed that the bunker schools are starting to show… that alone makes me want to go chase them. The conditions seem to be getting right.
For this type of fishing we would launch my eighteen foot C-Hawk skiff at Port Mahon and run across to the Jersey side carefully missing Joe Flogger shoal. The Oyster stakes are a good place to start and we would typically fish down to the Mia Mull Lighthouse. Bait was caught by cast net or snag hooks. Fresh Bunker is to the liking of the bigger flounder. Our rigs were a four inch fly tied in three way style to just enough weight to hold bottom while drifting about one or two miles per hour. A large strip of fresh bunker was applied to the fly. Often the entire bait was nearly ten inches long. We also made some floating spinner-bait rigs fished in the same manner. Both rigs caught equally well. The flounder bite is usually very good under these conditions. One year during the fourth of July it was One hundred and thirteen degrees on land and we limited out on the flat ones in just a few hours. Quality fish like these can be caught up and down the Delaware Bay in and around the large schools of bunker. I believe these better fish follow the schools of Bunker. Finding the bait is the key to success.

If you could where would you fish this weekend?

Je Yack

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