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This is the new DSFU, how to catch sand fleas video.   We are making a lot of these how to videos, with the help of Matt Adams of Open Aperture Ideas.   The Delaware Surf Fishing University (DSFU)  is now up and running if you have anything you would like us to cover feel free to ask, and we will accommodate your request.

This is a quick video on how to cut up a bunker.  I know the glove is overkill, but I didn’t have a towel and had to handle a lot of expensive camera equipment afterwards.   Hope you find it informative and we are doing these for the beginners to help them get a “feel” for what they need to do, video is better than a description.

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Female striped mummichug or killifish
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killifish, inland bays, delaware, sussex county, bait fish, minnows, mummichog, mummy, rehoboth bay, indian river bay, party beach
Male striped mummichog or killifish

Ray Hamm caught these 2 minnows while using a cast net near Masseys Landing.  The longitudinal striped minnow is a female striped mummichog (Fundulus majalis) and the transverse striped one is the male.  They are showing their spawning colors in these photos.  Great flounder bait for drifting.  Usually you see them they are white and not this yellowish color.  There is some great flounder fishing happening in the inland bays and the old grounds is on fire.  Bluefish action around the Indian River Inlet and beaches near by.  We hammered the kingfish today on mullet chunks and sand fleas were working as well this was about the middle of the outgoing tide with overcast skies at 3Rs drive on beach.   Striped bass action has been decent at the inlet as well late at night.  The croaker action is crazy all over the place.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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