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Sprayer adding slurry to the marsh fr the replenishment project
Sprayer adding slurry to the marsh fr the replenishment project

Well it has been an eventful week for this guy.  First I just want to thank the folks at the Cape Gazette for the opportunity to write for their Beach Paper tis year.  That was a lot of fun and it was relieving to work with professional people in the media industry.  I look forward to the summer starting back up, and writing for them again.  I had an interesting time last week with the Center for the Inland Bays, Fish and Wildlife and DNREC folks.  I was invited to see the marsh replenishment project they are working on in Pepper Creek.  They are depositing slurry or dredge material onto the marshes to build these up to help protect the coast lines from storm surge.  They are spraying this slurry onto the marshes with a nozzle that was designed by some of their own people.  It looks like a giant sprinkler, and I declined the offer to run through it a few times.  I have been covered head to toe in marsh mud before, and it is like a nice marinade for flies and gnats.  The project is a experiment to show the feasibility of rebuilding marshes with the same clay and silt that washes out of them into the creek beds.  I was impressed with this project and the concept is very solid, actually it makes total sense.  Dredging needs to happen in these areas so why not use the slurry to rebuild the marshes and clear the waterways at the same time.  It is a win win for boaters.  No harm comes to the ecosystem and it creates a more solid marsh area for wildlife.  This project is only being done during the times when our estuary critters will be the least harmed.  There are many birds and other aquatic life that rely on these marshes.  Saving them from erosion is a great way to keep the estuary producing more food for our larger fish and wildlife.  It also will help keep the surrounding woodlands from eroding faster and filling in our waterways.  This project is one of may that are being tested to see how Delaware can combat sea level rise so we do not lose our marshes.  These estuaries not only sustain out fisheries, but also help clean our waterways of toxins and the like.  I was pleased to see these folks putting a great effort into preserving our estuaries.  We have lost much to development and erosion.  Bringing back better and stronger marshes will be a great benefit for all of us down the road.  Eventually I hope the project can be used as a model to rebuild all of the marshes in our waterways.  At the moment they are only using ten percent of the slurry.  If they could use one hundred percent, then the costs incurred to move the slurry onto land could be alleviated.  This would save a great deal of money and rebuild the marshes as well.  Again a win win buy the project managers.  We will see how it works out int he future, so far the project is a great idea.  You can read more about this at …

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Alex Tkachuk … nice redfish in the surf

The fishing has been decent in the surf.  pompano are still here, my buddy Boots caught one tonight and a few have been caught over the past week.  Mostly on fishbites.  Kingfish are still here and so are the croakers.  A few keeper flounder have been caught in the surf, Massey’s Landing, and the Old grounds are still the hot spot.  A few have been pulled form Indian River inlet.  Mostly on live spot, six inch chartreuse gulp, and even mullet rigs.  Redfish (puppy drum) have made a decent appearance this week in the surf and the back bays.  Mullet has been the best baits, but sand fleas are what their gullets have been full of when a few were cleaned.  most of the best fishing has been on the incoming tides.  Little bluefish are all over the place the largest average size has been about sixteen inches.  Mullet rigs or mullet pieces have been the best baits.  I hit a ton of them the other day on a green two ounce deadly dick lure.  I had that fish killer for two days until something grabbed it and dove into the rocks at IRI on the south wall the other day.  I am hoping my buddy Matt at Ice House Bait and Tackle orders the ones I needed.  He will need to stock up, I go through a few of these every year.  I like to feed the rock wall once in a while, we all do, yesterday was a seven dollar day.  This past weekend the beach was wicked with waves and wind.  It has since calmed down and we are into our first Indian summer of the year.  It will be nice this week and a little wet this weekend.

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Cordell Carr with a striped bass he caught on light tackle and bloodworms near Cedar Swamp
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There have been some huge cob mullet caught out there, and they are still being caught int he usual places.  The beach replenishment has filled in a few good places to catch them, but the boys are finding them elsewhere.  Cape Henlopen fishing pier has been a good area to look.  When we hit the point on Sunday the birds were so thick you could barely see water.  I was tossing my new deadly dick lure, and hammering bluefish one after another.  It was fun but the largest was maybe 13 inches.  The waves were still ridiculous and the wind was screaming.  I hate fishing in wind, because it kills my sinuses for a few days.  Forrest had a good time, and we will get him back out in calmer surf this weekend.  Saturday I was at IRI talking to Steve Williams when Scott called and said to meet him and Kym at the Ferry terminal.  We were going to jersey for the day.  I figured why not, after all I hate fishing in wind.  The ride was fun, well for those of us that can ride in rough seas.  Many on the boat, not so much, I didn’t see anyone use the chum bags provided, but I am sure the few that were turning green were thinking about it.  We hit Cape may and I saw a few people I know fishing the jetties there.  We need jetties on our beaches, for fishing structure and to keep the sand there so we have wider beaches.  Personally I think it would be a good idea, and maybe a few artificial reefs.  Anyway, unbeknownst to me we were heading to a tackle shop in Egg harbor … Tackle Direct.  Okay this is where I start drooling again just thinking about this place.  We walked into this shop, and my eyes popped out of my sockets, we were in the Mecca of fish porn.  I couldn’t believe this place.  shelves f gear were replaced by walls full of gear.  i don’t think I have ever seen that many plugs and spoons.  We had a half an hour to shop, I felt like a kid in a candy store that was told you only have 30 seconds.  It was amazing, and I am glad i didn’t take my whole paycheck or I would have bought the sweetest rod I ever did see.  I could go on for hours about this place.  it was a beautiful sight.  My buddy Mikey mentioned in a post that place needs a kidney donor shop next door, he is right I would have given two.


gag grouper, masseys landing, bloodworms, fishbites, berkeley gulp
Gag Grouper caught by Sean Markham

While I was working this week San Markham has been catching at Massey’s Landing and he gets the catch of the week for unusual fish.  He caught a gag grouper at Massey’s Landing the other day.  I have seen small ones before in minnow traps but never this size caught on hook and line.  Sean has been doing well down there with keeper tautog and the season is open as of the twenty ninth.  Some decent sized black sea bass have been caught there as well as keeper flounder.  Nothing legal size for the seabass, you have to get out front for those.  The frequency of bluefish when you get into them has been heavy, just small in size.  Hoping that picks up some of the boys in Jersey are hammering very nice bigguns on the charters.  Big fish are on the way it is only a matter of time.  Delaware Parks are all open we did not get shut down by the government closure.  Unfortunately a few states have lost access for surf anglers.  Come on up to Delaware and hit the surf gang.  We have decent catches and good times in the sand regardless. We do have some nice resident bass in our waters as far up as Smyrna and Cedar Swamp.  Indian River Inlet has seen a few keepers as well as Roosevelt inlet.  The outer and inner walls even produced a few.  The fish are getting antsy to move and feeding like mad.  Come get some!!


Fish On!!

Rich King


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